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A Woodworking project that’s sure to be an uplifting project!
Here’s an easy-to-make working crane that’s destined to get plenty of hours of play time
by Norm Marshall

Step 6: Make the cab pivot lock assembly by drilling a 3/8-inch diameter hole in the cab pivot pin lock (T), then gluing the cab pivot pin (S) into (T).
Now, drill a 7/16-inch hole in the center of platform (E).  Once the pivot lock assembly above has dried, drop the pivot pin lock (T) with pin (S)  attached and protruding through platform (E) into the 1-inch x 1-inch hole you drilled in the chassis (A), in Step 2.
Spread glue on the chassis (A)…(being careful not to get any glue near the center pivot pin area)…and glue the platform (E) to the chassis (A).

Step 7: Make the crane boom (K) by first drilling the holes according to the drawing. There are nine 3/4-inch “lightening” holes, a 7/16-inch hole at the base for the anchor pin (N) and two 1/8-inch cable run holes. Drill the 1/8-inch holes in the hook cable guides (M). Cut out the boom using the bandsaw or scroll saw and sand smooth. Glue the hook cable guides (M) into place and set aside to dry.
Drill the 3/8-inch boom mounting holes in the boom supports (L). Line up these holes with the ones in the cab sides (M) using the crane anchor pin (N) and glue the supports into place.  Keep the glue away from the holes, because once the supports have had a chance to set up, you’ll have to remove the anchor pin to slip the boom into position between these two supports.
Now, mount the boom into the cab assembly by gluing the crane anchor pin (N) into place.
NOTE: Be careful not to get any glue in the center area of the anchor pin where the boom pivots on it.
Sand the axles (D) where they pass through the chassis (A) and then glue the wheels (B & C) into place.

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