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A Woodworking project that’s sure to be an uplifting project!
Here’s an easy-to-make working crane that’s destined to get plenty of hours of play time
by Norm Marshall

Step 8: Stringing the boom. Begin by cutting a 30-inch length of twisted nylon cord and tying a knot in one end. Singe the end of the cord with the knot using a match or a lighter to prevent the knot from loosening. String the boom cable line through one of the holes in the bottom/rear crank axle. Pass this through one of the screw-eyes in the cab rear, then through the 1/8-inch hole that runs side-to-side near the tip of the boom. Now, bring this same cord back down through the other screw eye in the cab back…then into the other hole in the bottom/rear crank axle.
When the boom is in its horizontal-most position, pinch the line up against the crank axle hole.  Now, raise the boom to a full vertical position and tie a knot where you’re pinching it. The line should be taut when the boom is dropped back to the horizontal position. Adjust the knot if the line’s too loose. Raise the boom, pull out the line and singe this end of your knot . . . just as you did the other.  

Step 9: Stringing the hook assembly. Start by pinching one end of the small S-Hook around two 1/2-inch washers. Set this aside. Cut a 36-inch length of cord, tie a knot in one end and singe it as you did the other. Pass the line through the hole in the top/forward crank axle, then through the screw-eye in the roof (remember…the roof is still loose at this point). 
Now, pass the line through the two cable guides (M) on the top surface of the boom and down through the 1/8-inch hole that runs top-to-bottom through the very tip of the boom. Tie this end of the line to the S-Hook. Hold the roof in place while you raise and lower the hook using the crank. If everything works properly, glue the roof in place.


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